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GEO-Instruments provides instrumentation and monitoring solutions. We supply, install, and integrate geotechnical sensors and geomatic systems, and we automate the collection, processing, and delivery of data.

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Rental VM Stations

GEO-products - hardened logger enclosuresWith the start of construction season, GEO-Instruments shipped 13 heavy-duty vibration monitor stations. Each of these rental VM stations provides 24/7 monitoring with web access to data. The heavy-duty enclosure includes a vibration monitor and cellular modem powered by two high capacity batteries and a integrated solar panel. Data are transmitted GEO-instruments servers for processing into reports and graphic displays. Learn more about rentals

GEO in Washington DC

GEO’s Mid Atlantic office has relocated to Washington DC and now has a staff of three.

Certified Service Provider

SISGEO North America has listed GEO-Instruments as a certified service provider.

CSPs are instrumentation specialists who can help you:
• Select appropriate instruments
• Install instruments properly
• Adapt instruments for special requirements
• Configure data loggers and communications
• Implement timely delivery of alarms, data, and reports

Learn more about SISGEO North America

GEO in New York City

Geo-Instruments has opened an office in New York City. The new office is located at 31 West 34th Street.