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At GEO-Instruments, we can design, construct, and monitor your system effectively to measure movement, pressure, and other variables of structures, soils, and rock. Learn more…


New Products

Lid-Link™ is intended for use with remote telemetry systems where a real time connection to data is needed, but physical access to the remote asset is impossible, or impractical, due to vehicle traffic, vandalism, or availability of power.

The WMPBX system provides a wireless collection method for borehole extensometers located in otherwise inaccessible locations that require a flush mounted, wireless automated data collection system, such as city streets, airport taxiways and runways.

Modern Automated Motorized Total Stations (AMTS) systems use state of the art Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) technology to accurately and repeatably measure distances to the AMTS. The CR1000 based ARGUS solution provides wireless, trouble free displacement data, 24 hours a day, rain or shine.


Rental Program
We have rental stocking locations for Instantel gear and most other products in all four locations. Renting is easy! For more information please contact our national sales team.

Application Notes

Dulles International Airport
A deep excavation was needed at Dulles International Airport in order to build a new terminal related infrastructure. In order to allow for safe excavation and construction, Geo-Instruments supplied over 450 vertical IPI sensors connecting to 6 remote dataloggers.

Retaining Wall Monitoring
A large span of a retaining wall collapsed onto a major highway, closing the northbound travel lanes with over 41,000 cubic yards of rock, soil, and trees. Geo-Instruments provided an automated monitoring system for the remaining retaining wall sections.

NYC MTA East Side Access
This project required tunneling across the Upper East Side of Manhattan Island and down Park Avenue to New York's existing Grand Central Terminal. Multiple position borehole extensometers were used in order to safely monitor the effect of the tunneling operations.